Timeline & History

The following is somewhat a work in progress. I am going to detail my online career to the best of my memory. I’ll have what time frame, which game, and the characters I played. I’ll also try and detail any significant spin offs or events that happened while playing.


DOOM 1 & 2 . Heretic . Hexen . Duke Nukem 3D . Rise of The Triad

Dial-Up was still king, and there were not many internet providers in our area. ID Software had a simulated LAN environment which you could dial-up into. It was called DWANGO and the nearest Dial-up number for me was in Texas, several states away.

I figured I would face my mothers wrath and dial in long distance to try my hand at playing DOOM 2 online. I figured I was pretty good, but when I arrived in the lobby no one was really playing. I asked if anyone wanted to play, a guy named Thresh responded “I will!” We joined in the game while everyone snickered to themselves.

I got in and was summarily destroyed by this person, it was an embarrassing score of something like 40 to 2. I left dejected and didn’t play online there again. However I found out years later that this guy was some sort of legend in the FPS game world. I then felt honored to have been fragged so hard by him.


I am going to post this and continue to edit it along the way, that way it does not sit here unpublished for months on end.

The following games and events are yet to come!

Quake, Ultima Online, Quake2, Quake 2 Superheroes




Tribes 2

Anarchy Online

Unreal Tourney 2003

EVE Beta – Earth&Beyond



City of Heroes

Everquest 2

EVE – First Run


EVE – Current Run


The following characters are yet to come:

Nvitrius, Solania, Shotgun Avenger, Eldriff


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