The Black Hole

Space was an empty place until man reached out into the stars.  In the millenia that have passed we have yet to find another sentient race such as man. Everywhere that he goes he multiplies, erects monuments to his achievements and uses up every resource until all that is left a husk for those less fortunate to fight over.

It seems even in the endless vacuum of this galaxy we can take up too much space. The following edict was issued as safety concerns arose over the more heavily used stargates in the galaxy.

Star system player limit deployed to Tranquility
reported by: CCP Wrangler | 2008.09.21 13:38:10

During the downtime today, Sunday 21st September, we deployed a new feature to Tranquility. The Stargate will now check how many players there are in the system and deny access if you attempt to jump into it when too many players are present. In addition to this you will not be able to login on a character if the system has too many players. We have also increased the amount of GMs this evening and if you are unable to login, please press the ESC button and submit a petition in the Stuck category.

This is a temporary solution to this issue, we are working on a permanent feature which has the highest priority and will be implemented as soon as possible.

Many have joked that the solar system of Jita was a black hole for traders and suppliers. It was hard to escape the gravitational pull of bargains and fast and easy shopping. It seems that this system is now under lock down with several other systems to follow.

Larger alliances have issued concerns that this may limit their fleet operations. That they could effectively lock down a system which would prevent their enemies from entering a system in order to defend it. Or on the other side an alliance could potentially lock down a system so that no intruders may enter.

Overall this raises a lot of concerns while alleviating very few at the moment.


~ by sgavenger on September 21, 2008.

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