The Turning Point

There is a very specific point in the universe of EVE which either makes or breaks a Capsuleer. I of course am referring to the loss of a ship in an unwanted PVP engagement. What happens depends on the fortitude and character of the pilot.

1. You can take this event as a devastating loss, and let out your anger on everyone around you until you regain your perspective. This can hurt your reputation and quickly turn new friendships around.

2. You can just give up, the loss may have seemed to great, watching all that work disappear in a blue flash. It’s always disheartening watching an investment fall apart while everyone looks on with apathy.

3. You can become one of them. Sometimes there is a strong bond after the anger fades away. Knowing that at that point you were the weaker one, and now you want to be amongst those that are stronger. Joining the Dark Side so to speak.

4. Or you can learn from the experience, walk it off and become stronger for it. A lot of people choose this valiant step, but not all who do, have great success with it. In my short existence I have seen and heard those people rebound with a new ship only to fall prey to destruction once again putting them back in the position of making one of these dreaded four choices.

Those choices were presented to me last Sunday. I heard of some new leads on missions in a system a few jumps away. I had been working in low sec for about a week now, setting up bookmarks in space, and getting the lay of the land so to speak. A cautious approach was always the best approach  while traveling through the systems in the Solitude region I was told.

Many have told me that you can live in low sec in relative safety so long as you follow some basic rules and keep your wits about you. I was inclined to agree as I have had few issues with travel or other pilots bothering me. That is, until I threw all I learned out the window just to save some time.

If you check your star map at any given time in low sec, there’s always going to be the glow of someone, somewhere who’s ship has expired within the last hour. I saw one of those jump points coming up on my route. It was a 0.0 system Y9G-KS. I Approached the gate and saw a pilot close by, his standings were set negatively by my corporation. In that moment I knew there was a high probability that he was the scout of a gate camp on the other side. But with only one more jump after this one landing me at my final destination; I didn’t give it much more thought. The stargate lit up and hurled my ship to the Y9G-KS system.

My ship sat cloaked 14km off of the stargate, a gleaming blue interdiction field was surrounding it. This wasn’t the best placed bubble but it would do the job. I knew that at this moment in my haste I was presented with very few choices. My ship was not setup for PVP, even if it was, I had never fought a battle like this before, I had no idea how my ship would perform. Would I just embarrass myself by flailing around shooting at everyone? Needless to say. I did not die well.

I engaged my warp drive to the next gate hoping that It would not take long to align and they were hunting for someone else instead. My warp drive quickly ground to a halt as that eerie blue aura wrapped around my ship. I was locked, scrambled, and webbed.  I tried not to panic, I had thought I could perhaps make it back to the gate instead, if I did not attack back, the gate would let me through. They were all smaller ships, and several T2 drones, it took much longer to pick through my shields and armor than I expected. However at roughly 14m/s speed I sure wasn’t going to get to the gate anytime soon. I was going to loose this fight without even firing a shot back.

My ship was starting to loose its structural integrity, the damage control systems were holding but my final option was to make it out with my pod. I had the computer setup to warp the pod as soon as it hit open space. My ship’s reactor burst apart in a blinding light, which covered my escape, or so I thought. My pod warped to the next stargate but was dragged out of warp by another interdiction field. My new found enemies had setup bubbles between the stargates to trap those who managed to escape their grasp. A second later one of the recon ships came warping into view. They landed roughly 3km away from my pod, he must not have brought his A game with him as I had time to change course without being targeted, and warp to my own safe spot in the system.

This spot which was unknown to them put me away from any more potential interdiction fields. I was able to warp to the gate and make it to my destination. The ship was insured, but out here in low sec finding suitable replacement parts and crew was going to be difficult. I did not have the resources yet to have many replacements on hand. While I did not consider it a gift, time was now back in my hands again as I weighed my options.

Lessons Learned

  • Firing on an enemy will prevent you from using a stargate for a minute. [Slang: De-agressing]
  • If you fall into a trap, fight back! [Even if you are doomed you can test out your ships capabilities for next time]
  • If you suspect a gate camp, and you see the scout. Don’t go through the gate, or at least not alone.
  • If you know who’s camping, check their killboards. It will show what you are up against.
  • Bookmarking saves lives.
  • Have an object in your overview ready to warp to. Spam the warp button so your pod makes it out instantly. The only reason you should ever loose a pod is if your stuck in a bubble.

I’d like to hear some choices you all have made or other lessons learned from negative experiences.


    ~ by sgavenger on September 16, 2008.

    3 Responses to “The Turning Point”

    1. Sorry to hear about the loss. This post you’ve put together should help other when they eventually face this situation. Because we ALL do at one point in time!

    2. I’ve learned a lot from this little experience. It was all pretty much avoidable. But at the same time I am exploring a lot of different configurations that I would not have thought about earlier.

      I find it really interesting how calamities like these can make or break someones play style in a game.


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