At first I really wanted to keep this account of my adventures as an in character only blog. But I’ve really got more to say than a dramatized account of my left clicking. But that will change a bit. I want to be able to express opinions and ideas as well as update my story. I will keep all posts game related though.

EvE is going strong right now. I’ve been meeting some great people, and joined up with a corporation who is incorporating its own training academy. Which I think is a fantastic idea, one which I’m going to elaborate a bit more on in the next post.

I would also like to thank and express a moment of appreciation for other EVE bloggers and those I’ve had brief contact with in the last few weeks. They are the people who make communities work. (Points at Blog Roll on the right)

I also want to mention specifically The Zion Chronicles link on the right. I have not been able to pour over all the information there, but it really is amazing how much lore and back history is on that site.


~ by sgavenger on September 5, 2008.

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