Back in Business

All it took was a little bit of time, and of course a few million ISK to get back into the swing of the universe again. My weapons order had been filled and I was alerted that it was ready for pickup. The slave transport was also due in later that day, but I had time to pick up my shiny new instruments of death before meeting the slavers.

It’s strange to think that one has time to travel millions of light years within a period of hours and still make it back in time for dinner. I was hoping for my contact back in Amarr to fill the order more quickly, but instead my Caldari contact in Jita managed to edge out the competition with a fair price. I took a Magnate class frigate out to the station to pick up the weaponry. The gate traffic was flowing through the Jita stargate at it’s usual snails pace. There was little time for any pleasantries while in the Caldari trade hub, most everyone wants to get in and then out.

Except those looking to prey on the local privateers. I must have been scanned at least twice while exiting the station. Fortunately my relatively small shipment of weapons was not deemed worthy of a hail of missile fire from the mentally unstable suicide gangs that prowl the region.

My new Harbinger Battlecruiser was waiting back in Englenaert. I offloaded the weapons to the ground crew at the station, and they had it fitted up in no time. I was then off to meet the Slavers to receive my new maintenance crew.

The crew was integrated into the ship and assigned their positions. I contacted the agents I was working for earlier, and they still had work for me.  I was not expecting the job that was offered to me, I had not expected to com across this sort of thing on this side of the galaxy.

The Equilibrium of Mankind have been stretching out further into space and were actively hitting civilian transport routes. While the philosophy and teachings of Amarr run deep within any true Amarrian, these EoM fools have twisted it into their own perverse religion.

My pod interfaced with the ship seamlessly, It already felt like an extension of my own self, identical to my previous ship. My warp drive pulsed a blueish-yellow and within moments the warp bubble wrapped around my ship.

The warp bubble collapsed and I could already see laser fire from the EoM ships arching across shields and burning through the hulls of the civilian convoy. I don’t think they were expecting to see another Amarrian ship this far away from the space lanes. The laser batteries opened fire on the lead destroyer and shut down their shields. This drew the attention of the remaining battle group as they all set out towards me.

I rotated in a different spectrum of crystal to compensate for range, they were getting closer, but that only means the energy stream would be hitting them harder. Ships were bursting apart after only a few volleys. The lead ship broke off and dove into a nearby hollow asteroid. My afterburners lit up as I headed for the same devoid rock.

My sensors flickered but the lock remained, I dove in to the cavernous asteroid and opened up my drone bay. Four attach drones shot through the dark rock, illuminating its walls with their engine coils and thermal blasters. The enemy frigate was starting to break up as it suddenly turned towards me and lit its afterburners. It was going to ram!

All laser batteries lit up again as thew cut straight through the enemy ship. Them beams were so strong that they carved into the rock and started to collapse one of the walls. My afterburners burst to life to escape the crumbling asteroid.

A few debris glistened off of the shields while I recalled my drones. The camera drones picked up a few remaining civilians ships. I’m sure they were probably trying to hail me to thank me for my heroism.

I engaged the warp drive and headed back to the nearest station. I wasn’t there to be a hero, I was just there to get paid.


~ by sgavenger on August 19, 2008.

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