Picking Up The Pieces

The previous day’s experience has left me with a few problems. I was missing a battlecruiser class ship, but also a crew, and an appropriate load out for such a ship. The ship was insured, so I have the money to purchase a new one, however the crew was going to be a more difficult replacement.

Normally an Amarr captain of any stature could visit a local slave trader, fill up the ship, hook up the slave obedience collars and have a functioning loyal crew. But this was Gallente space, and they were not up with the times when it comes to intricacies of slavery.

On top of that, the market was practically devoid of Beam Weaponry. I was going to have to special order it from either Caldari or Amarr space. I have not yet checked the corporate hanger for such equipment, but I’m thinking I may need to learn some basic production skills to produce my own custom weaponry out in this region.

Getting back to a state where I could once again impress the local agents was going to take some time. It was going to cost me in jump gate travel and in waiting for some other sap.. er industrious individual to get me my guns!

The price for new ships was however better than I expected. I was able to find a replacement with little hassle. I also found that there were a number of people at the local stations wishing to sign on as crew. Some of them were desperate, you could tell by their adds and in their eyes. There were others who simply needed to get off world or to seek adventure. This just wouldn’t due as I wasn’t put in this world to be their vessel to a new path, they were to be used to further my endeavours.

It looks like I was going to have to import slaves after all. I could get them from the fringes of Amarr/Gallente space no doubt, perhapse at a higher cost but perhapse if I buy in bulk I could get a discount. (and have replacements should my ship find itself in another accident)

Capsule technology is great, it ensures I stay relatively unharmed in the case of a ship disaster, well barring the local star doesn’t go nova. But at the same time I’ve wondered about the crew, despite being deemed expendable, and loyalty ensured by slave collars, they tried so hard to save the ship. Doing all they could to get cargo into the hold to minimize damage, rotating frequency crystals into the lasers to maximize damage. They all trust me to get them out of this, even after I’ve already accepted the fate of the ship.

But unlike captains of old, we need not go down with our ships.


~ by sgavenger on August 16, 2008.

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